Preservation Journal


Preservation pioneers include a few visionaries in the 60's, and a larger group in the 70's and 80's who saw the jewels beneath the tarnish and decay of age and recognized the value of Main Street with its original architecture located along the banks of the Missouri River. Many have contributed to our preservation history, and the work continues today as we preserve and protect our very special historic assets. The character and history of Main Street earn admiration from all who appreciate our unique aesthetics and the immense efforts required to restore and maintain our historic districts.


Historic Landmarks Preservation and Architectural Review Board
St. Charles County Historical Society
South Main Preservation Society
Historic Downtown District Association
Ahmann, Mary Lou
Bacon, Marvin
Baggerman, Bill
Baue, Fred & Alma
Baugh, Clyde & Lillian
Beckmann, Ray
Berthold, Susan
Bishop, Glen & JoAnn
Black, Chris & Wendy
Bruere, Charlie
Cox, Jody & Ray
Crane, Wayne & Margaret
Crane, Rhonda
Croft, Francis
Dengler, John & Trudy
Droste, Ray, Jim, Steve
Dykes, Bob
Elmendorf, Henry
Fabian, Eileen & Larry
Feldewerth, Tom
Feldman, Morgie
Felts, George
Foley, Richard and Geri
Frank, John
Ginnever, Joe & Nancy
Gleason, Hub & Evelyn
Goebel, Rudolph
Goellner, Bill
Goellner, Glen
Goellner, Clarence
Golden, Jim & Louise
Gordon, Merle & Laura
Graveman, Mike & Jennifer
Haddox, Gary & Holly
Hafer, Donna
Hardin, Mabel
Hazelwood, Ann Watkins
Henderson, Laura & Larry
Herman, Sue & Eric
Heusler, Martha 'Jimmie' & Tony
Heusler, Mike & Susie
Heusler, Tom & Nancy
House, Carl
House, Karen & Rich
House, Richard 'Pop' & Pauline
Jeffries, Paul
Jackson, Mimi & Darrold
Kampman, Gina
Kilby, Peggy
Kirkwood, Bob
Knobloch, Paul
Kooyumjian, Martha
LaBanca, Don
Maurer, Mike
McClain, Joey
Muench, Larry & Laura
Muresan, Phyllis
Musterman, Tudor
Mydler, Paul & V'Anne
Mydler, Venetia
Nance, Julian & Margaret
Nardi, Lou
Nichols, John & Grace
Pitman, Penny
Powell, Steve
Rankin, Tom
Reardon, Jerry
Reid, Jim
Ritter, Mary & Sandy
Satterfield, Dan & Karen
Schaefer, Sharon
Scheirding, Royce & Ann
Schilling, Randy
Schuette, Henry
Schuette, Bob
Scott, Archie & Betty
Scott, David
Spears, Oey
Sprehe, Laura
Stegemeier, Barb
Stegemeier, Reinhardt 'Ryne'
Steinmann, Noel
Sullentrop, Edna & Don
Summers, Leroy
Swindle, Jack & Linda
Thompson, Charlotte
Thompson, Marguriete & Hazel
Thornton, Duane & Sherry
Thro, Maurice 'Moe'
Thro, Rose
Tschudin, Virginia Musterman
Walters, Paul
Wapelhorst, Norb
Wapelhorst, Tom
Watkins, Joel
Whetzel, Carolyn
Willoughby, Lloyd & (Millagres)
Wood, Gene & Cindy
Worful, Syl
Worful, Ben
Worthington, George & Sharlotte
Zerjav, Leo